Behaviour Consultation Service

Are you finding your dog’s behaviour a challenge? I understand how difficult and embarrassing it may be when your dog acts inappropriately in the presence of others.

With years of foster caring and home boarding, I have gained a vast amount of experience with complex dog behaviour issues. I am more than happy to help you work through your dog’s behaviour issues. Whether they are showing signs of aggression, have bite history or have a fear of noises, no case too small.

After an initial discussion, I will send you a vet referral form, this must be given to your vet at the time of a vet appointment prior to me being able to take on your case and help with the behaviours. This is so that we can rule out any medical conditions and so that I can be sent the relevant medical history information.

Once I have received all of the history forms, an appointment day can be booked in. This must be paid for at the time of the booking to reserve your slot. The behaviour consultation will be at your own home, this is the best place for me to come so that I can meet the whole family and still be in a familiar place to your dog.

This first consultation may last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the complexity of the case, sometimes the consult will involve going for a short walk. During the consult, you will be given lots of information and I will assess, diagnose your dog and design the most appropriate treatment plan for you to all work through. This will be documented at the time of the consultation and you will receive a full written report within 1 week of the session. I recommend at least one follow up but I am happy to provide a skype/ telephone follow up 2 weeks after to check on progress which is all included in the initial cost and then will hope to follow up with you after 8 weeks.

There are many behavioural issues that I have helped owners with in the past such as:

*Resource guarding

*Aggression towards people

*Aggression towards dogs or other animals

*Unwanted barking at people of other dogs


*Separation anxiety

*Fears and phobias

*Noise sensitivity

*Abnormal repetitive behaviours

*Jumping up

So if you are struggling with your pets behaviour please do not hesitate to get in touch, don’t suffer in silence please give heather a call.


Behavioural consult (up to 4 hours) £300

This includes: diagnosis and treatment plan includes email support throughout the modification plan and a full write up within 7 days.

Follow up consultation £150 (1 hour)

Online Consults now available 1 hour from £100: these consults are performed through Zoom from the comfort of your own home.


Behaviour Modification Package

I have designed packages to help you and your pet get back on track and become in tune, with an individualised behavioural modification programme.

6 consultations (normally one per month) including the first consultation of up to 4 hours and 5 follow up sessions £900 (saving £100)

This package also includes 3 skype calls (20 mins each) and a pre-consultation 20-minute call. During the programme you will have continuous support via email.